It's show and tell time!

Nicholas Skaggs nicholas.skaggs at
Thu Oct 22 17:09:43 UTC 2015

UOS Time is here! UOS is the Ubuntu Online Summit we hold each cycle to 
talk about what's happening in ubuntu. UOS 15.11 will be on November 3rd 
- 5th.

I'm writing to encourage everyone to not only attend, but to also 
consider presenting a session for the 'Show and Tell' track(1). Sessions 
are open to everyone as a platform for sharing interesting and unique 
things with the rest of the community. These sessions can be very short 
(5 or 10 minutes) and are a great way to share about your work within 

This means things like demos, quick talks, and 'show and tell' type 
things. A typical session may last 5-15 minutes, with time for 
questions. It's a great way to spend a few minutes talking about 
something you made, work on, or find interesting. Your demo can be 
unscripted, and informal. *This does not have to be a technical talk or 
demo*, though those are certainly welcomed. Please feel free to how off 
design work, documentation, translation, interesting user tricks or 
anything else that tickles your fancy!

Last cycle we had developers talking about new APIs, flavors teams doing 
Q and A sessions and demos, users sharing tricks, and even a live 
hacking session where we collectively worked on an application for the 
phone. Check them out(2). I'd love to see an even greater representation 
this time around.

Proposing a session(3) is simple to do, and there's even a webpage(4) to 
help you! If you need help proposing, feel free to contact myself, 
hggdh, David Calle, or Laura Czajkowski who are your friendly track 
leads for this track. Once it's proposed the session will be assigned a 
date and time. Myself or another track lead will try to follow-up with 
you before UOS to ensure you are ready and the date and time is suitable 
for you.




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