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On 10/21/2015 05:05 AM, Víctor Mayoral Vilches wrote:

> So if I were to create certain functionality and expose it through set of new
> ROS topics, I'd probably expect to access these ROS topics from other snaps in a
> later stage. Since ROS supports TCP/IP-based and UDP-based communications, would
> it be possible to access ROS topics from other snaps? Can I inspect the ROS
>  packages installed in the overall system? It'll probably make sense to have
> rosbash <> tools installed within Snappy so that they
> can inspect ROS abstractions.
Today, you are able to to have one snap interact with another snap's network
port. If you went this route, you would almost certainly want to bind to the
loopback interface. You can do this today with non-framework snaps.

The future will bring fine-grained network mediation and mediation of the
'ports' declaration in the yaml such that only apps from a single snap can
access the declared internal ports (external ports aren't affected), like we do
today for UNIX sockets. Don't worry though-- we also want to provide mechanisms
for coordinated inter-snap communications for network and abstract sockets when
fine-grained network mediation is implemented.

[1] ('Future')

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