Hosting own snaps and system updates

Mark Shuttleworth mark at
Thu Oct 15 15:18:57 UTC 2015

On 12/10/15 03:10, MIkeW wrote:
> Philipp Lorenz <p.lorenz <at>> writes:
>> Hi,
>> We are a company that aims to provide an IoT infrastructure. We'd like 
>> to use Snappy Ubuntu on the Raspberry Pi 2 as a central controlling unit 
>> and we'd like to review system updates ourselves before providing them 
>> to customers. For providing updates of our own software we'd also like 
>> to have an own snap repository.
>> Is there a way to host own snaps and system updates for Snappy Ubuntu?
>> Thanks in advance!
> Hello Philipp,
> Did anything come of this enquiry, and if so, do you have any links to the
> relevant information ?

I think the team's focus right now is on the core snap delivery
mechanisms, security, and performance. We're splitting out the kernel
from the system image, for example, to enable people to use the kernel
of their choice. We've got on the roadmap the ability for a device
vendor to certify updates before they are applied to their devices, but
that will only come along for 16.04 LTS. The store will also support
private snaps in that timeframe.


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