Snappy via ONIE Installer

Mark Shuttleworth mark at
Wed Nov 25 14:05:14 UTC 2015

On 25/11/15 13:54, MikeB wrote:
> I want to install Snappy on a bare-metal x86-64 network switch (white box)
> that is ONIE enabled in Legacy BIOS mode.  I'd like to do this with a
> standard ONIE NOS Installer which will preserve ONIE on the disk and allow
> booting back into ONIE from Snappy's bootloader.

Yes, we demoed this exact scenario (on Penguin Computing and Quanta
switches) in Tokyo last month, at the OpenStack Developer Summit.

I think the demo used standard ONIE from those switches, and it used
standard 15.04 Ubuntu Core, though IIRC there were some gotchas ("don't
press that button it won't work") which is normal for demo-grade bits.

I'll write privately to put you in touch with the folks involved.
Separately, what would be really interesting is an ONIE snap, so that
the base system could be Ubuntu Core with an ONIE snap. Also, you
probably want to focus on 16.04 Ubuntu Core because it will be an LTS,
and because it uses a new all-snap architecture which is much cleaner
for large-scale environments like top-of-rack clouds and big data clusters.


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