New image organization and snap format

Alexander Sack asac at
Tue Nov 24 17:02:54 UTC 2015


Is this good for early playing with ubuntu-device-flash to make a
first image with a local custom kernel by just replacing the
ubuntu-kernel.mvo with a local .snap created using rtgs snapcraft
plugin? Or better wait another few days?

 - Alexander

On Tue, Nov 24, 2015 at 2:30 PM, Michael Vogt
<michael.vogt at> wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 11, 2015 at 04:26:13PM -0200, Gustavo Niemeyer wrote:
>> This is (perhaps) the last major change which I'd like to raise attention
>> to, and it's perhaps one of the most disruptive and exciting ones too.
>> In the coming weeks we'll be landing relevant changes related to how the
>> ubuntu core image itself is organized, and also to the packaged format of
>> snaps. The new format is not backwards compatible, but there are relevant
>> benefits that will become apparent as that work lands and unrolls. Michael
>> Vogt is leading these changes for quite some time now, and we're expecting
>> them to become visible in the following weeks.
> We made some good progress here in the last few weeks and there is an
> experimental "all-snap" image available at:
> [1]
> This image is build using a kernel and os squashfs snap. It also fully
> supports squashfs application snaps [2] as well as 15.04 snaps.
> The amd64 image is build from the store and can be updated from the
> store. There is also an armhf (beagle bone black) image which is using
> sideloaded kernel/os snaps (sideloaded because of some open questions
> about architecture handling in the store).
> There is more work to do, but this is an important milestone on the
> road to 16.04!
> Cheers,
>  Michael
> [1] Created with the ubuntu-device-flash in that same directory which
>     is build from lp:~snappy-dev/goget-ubuntu-touch/all-snaps
> [2] Only hello-world.mvo and the ubuntu-{core,kernel} snaps are
>     squashfs snaps at this point.
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