Project SnapChirp, a Phone x Snappy success story

Penk Chen penk.chen at
Mon Nov 2 16:52:31 UTC 2015


I've developed an acoustic ranging framework for smart devices using Ubuntu Phone and Snappy Core, and won a top prize in the recent TechCrunch Beijing hackathon event. 

Here's the demo video:

I named it SnapChirp because it measures distance using DTOA (Differential Times of Arrival) in high frequency chirps, the pitch detector is implemented in Qt/QML on phones and the pairing server is a simple chatroom-like Node.js/WebSocket snap. 

Next item on my TODO list would be having a sound localizer implemented. After cleaning up (because, you know, hackathon) I'm planning to open source this framework and would like to hear feedbacks from the list. Any thoughts?


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