Preload progress (Xorg works)

Michael Terry michael.terry at
Mon Mar 30 19:51:06 UTC 2015

Ooh neat.  Now we can make a basic rdp client:

$ echo -e '#!/bin/sh\nset -e\nXorg :1 &\nexport DISPLAY=:1\nsleep
5\nxfreerdp $@' > rdp
$ ./make-snap -d 14.10 -n rdp -v 0 --aa-profile
/usr/share/apparmor/easyprof/templates/ubuntu-snappy/1.3/unconfined -p
freerdp-x11 -p xorg -p xkb-data ./rdp

Then use:
sudo /apps/bin/rdp.rdp /u:username /p:password /v:serverip

(I fixed the keyboard/mouse problem -- so the above is actually functional.)

Now I'll see if I can make unity-system-compositor a snappy framework and
get xmir working with it, so we can drop the sudo.  Then we'll be able to
have an actual functional rdp snap!


On Mon, Mar 30, 2015 at 11:02 AM, Michael Terry <michael.terry at
> wrote:

> Just a quick status update on my snappy-preload progress.  (This is both
> the LD_PRELOAD hack + a set of scripts that bundle debs from your system
> into a snap using the hack).
> I've now gotten Xorg & xterm to startup in a snap.  (When run as root --
> to avoid that I need to use xmir & unity-system-compositor.  A task for
> another day.)
> Here's how you can replicate a snap with Xorg & xterm:
> $ bzr branch lp:~mterry/+junk/snappy-preload
> $ cd snappy-preload
> $ make
> $ cd tools
> $ echo -e '#!/bin/sh\nset -e\nXorg :1 &\nexport DISPLAY=:1\nsleep
> 5\nxterm' > xterm
> $ ./make-snap -d 14.10 -n xterm -v 0 --aa-profile
> /usr/share/apparmor/easyprof/templates/ubuntu-snappy/1.3/unconfined -p
> xterm -p xorg -p xkb-data ./xterm
> Then you have to run it with "sudo /apps/bin/xterm.xterm" (for now, until
> I get USC & xmir working) -- and the keyboard focus may not be correct.
> But it runs!
> Some things that are new since my last email:
> - Support for apps that hardcode /tmp instead of using $TMPDIR (like Xorg
> does)
> - Support for SNAP_APP_DATA_PATH instead of /var/lib
> - Support for more preload overrides (including connect, bind, rename, and
> link).
> - Workaround bug 972324 by including pre-compiled xkm files if it appears
> that you are building a snap with Xorg.
> Next task is to see if I can get xfreerdp to work, thereby letting snappy
> be a thin client!  Then tackling xmir.
> --
> -mt

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