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Some of the good sides I pointed out about having an alias that is just a
reference will die if you internalize the alias into the package itself,
because suddenly you can have multiple packages claiming to be responsible
for a given alias in your system, and I can't imagine anything good coming
out of this.

Instead, a clean notion of alias would imply having a system that works
entirely independently of such external convenience names, so the package
system has fully defined references, but for the user's typing/thinking
benefit, it can shorten some names after a centrally controlled database
which can change over time.

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> >
> > Why would the manifest carry the approved alias?  This sounds like
> > out-of-band information.
> Agreed it's out-of-band information
> I think mvo's argument is so you could rely just on the packages to
> reproduce a working system. Otherwise you would need to copy over the
> installed packages + extra metadata obtained from the store on
> download/install.
> I don't think I have a strong opinion either way, though.
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> Martin

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