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Michael Terry michael.terry at
Thu Mar 12 16:37:06 UTC 2015

Hello!  I wanted to update y'all on my progress in bundling deb packages
into snaps.

I've got a few new rough-and-ready scripts in the tools folder of lp:~mterry
/+junk/snappy-preload that may be of interest to others:

*dep-tree*: prints the full Depends and Recommends tree of a given package,
optionally excluding anything in a provided manifest

*copy-deb*: copies all files from an installed deb into a separate file
tree (this is very naive, and will miss things like compiled schemas)

*make-snap*: you can provide this with an executable from a package on your
system, it will bundle up all the files needed to run it, add the library, plus a wrapper to set the preload bits up, and
puts it all in a snap.  This is also very rough and needs to be run from
the tools/ directory.  It also does not yet allow for any setup your
executable might need, like running X first.

With all those provisos, it still can be useful for simple programs.  I'm
working on building it out.

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