Preview: snappy-go

Michael Vogt mvo at
Thu Mar 5 13:26:05 UTC 2015

Hello Snappy Enthusiasts,

we are happy to show you a preview of the work on making snappy faster
and slicker. The latest alpha image contains "snappy-go" which is a
improve version of the existing snappy command and will eventually
replace it. I would also encourage to try the very latest snapshot
images [1], snappy-go gets better every day!

Below is a quick overview of what it can do and what the (small)
differences to the current version are. 

We hope you are as excited about this as we are!

 The snappy development team

[1] Use "sudo ubuntu-device-flash core --channel ubuntu-core/devel-proposed
--output snappy-latest.img" go get it!

Snappy-go sneak preview

The latest image comes with the preview of the new snappy command line expereince. Its slicker and faster, especially on slower
hardware like arm.

For example, the command

$ snappy-go info
release: ubuntu-core/devel-proposed
architecture: amd64

takes just 0.4s on the beagle bone black which is massively faster than before.

There is a new "list" command that provides information about the current installed parts:

$ snappy-go list
Name        Date       Version Summary                 
ubuntu-core 2015-02-13 283     ubuntu-core description 

The updates can be displayed via:

$ snappy-go list --updates
Name         Date       Version 
ubuntu-core* 2015-02-13 292    

And to see everything that is installed (including older versions), run:

$ snappy-go list --verbose
Name         Date       Version Summary                 
ubuntu-core* 2015-02-13 283     ubuntu-core description 
ubuntu-core  2015-02-18 292     ubuntu-core description 
Reboot to use the new ubuntu-core.

To see whats available, run:

$ snappy-go search pastebin
Name           Version   Summary    
pastebinit.mvo pastebinit 

To install use:

$ sudo snappy-go install pastebinit.mvo
Installing pastebinit.mvo
Starting download of pastebinit.mvo
49226 / 49226 [============================================] 100.00 % 353819/s 0
Name           Date       Version   Summary                 
ubuntu-core    2015-02-13 283       ubuntu-core description 
pastebinit.mvo 2015-02-19                         

To update everything:
$ snappy update
Installing ubuntu-core (292)
Starting download of ubuntu-core
100 / 100 [===================================================] 100.00 % 165/s 0

To get information:

$ snappy-go info pastebinit.mvo
channel: edge
updated: n/a

There is also a --verbose switch.

And if you don't like it: 
$ sudo snappy-go remove pastebinit.mvo

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