Snappy on Microsoft Azure

Michał Smereczyński michal.s at
Wed Jun 24 21:08:12 UTC 2015

Hi All,
It is my first post to the list, so I wish to say hello at first. I'm the Linux guy working with Azure cloud - as production env and strongly involved in platform development.

I have tested Snappy images on Azure - the rolling one and 15.04:

I wish to share my thoughts with You - it may be helpfull in some way for You. So:

1. Images are strictly read only, so when You are creating new VM, for some reason You must use 'ubuntu' user name. Other user name used in provisioning will be not provisioned into the VM (via metadata) from cloud platform to the VM. Even if You use #cloud-config via cloud-init (it works on standard Ubuntu images). You must use an 'ubuntu' user name. You also cannot create other user (via cloud-init or manually via adduser).
2. sudo snappy update crashes VM. I have not investigated what is going on VM, but after 'sudo snappy update' and 'sudo reboot' machine is not responding. I think it is related to user creation step on provisioning - it seems to user is not persistent and disappears on reboot after update. But I'm not sure about that.

I'm not the snappy specialist so I cannot really help You with snappy investigation but I can help You with Azure. If You need a subscription for tests, just send me an information about that. I'm working a lot with Ubuntu and I must be ready to new wave of architecture - containers. So I'm testing Snappy and Docker. I'm involved into Azure platform development so I wish to help with making Snappy working well on Azure.

Best regards,

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