RFC: Snappy shell

Oliver Grawert ogra at ubuntu.com
Thu Jun 18 14:32:42 UTC 2015


Am Donnerstag, den 18.06.2015, 14:24 +0200 schrieb Zygmunt Krynicki:
> Hey
> So we can keep normal shell on port 22 and use ssh subsystems (like
> sftp) to install a snappy-cli subsystem. Why? Then you can have a
> Ubuntu command that ssh's into snappy cli. One port, many features. So
> far I only know of sftp using this but the mechanism is generic.

no, i meant it exactly the other way around ...
by default on a standard snappy system a snappy shell runs on port
22 ...

but if you deploy images in your cloud environment where your management
software expects a proper ssh with login shell on port 22 you can use 
"ubuntu-device-flash --disable-snappy-shell" so that we still stay
compatible with the established old way and do not lose the potential
audience that uses tools that rely on ssh on port 22.

such existing solutions will likely expect a bash or some other /bin/sh
to be directly available on that port after you connect ... and might
not be able to cope with explicitly calling "snappy bash" before issuing
whatever shell command they use.

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