Developer docs

Oliver Grawert ogra at
Thu Jun 18 13:49:46 UTC 2015

Am Donnerstag, den 18.06.2015, 14:23 +0100 schrieb Mark Shuttleworth:
> On 18/06/15 14:20, Michael Terry wrote:
> > Who can edit the developer docs?
> >
> > Our package format page [1] says the 'vendor' key is optional, but it no
> > longer is.
> In my mind it should always be possible to do something unsigned and use
> it locally without any registration, keys etc. For the store, sure,
> stuff needs to be signed so we know it comes from whomever it says it
> comes from.

i think this was more about the syntax error that "snappy build" spits
out if "vendor" is missing in your package.yaml than about a signing
key ;)


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