handling interpreters in *-snapper scripts (or snapcraft)

Oliver Grawert ogra at ubuntu.com
Mon Jun 15 13:56:32 UTC 2015


Am Montag, den 15.06.2015, 09:34 -0400 schrieb Michael Terry:

>         However, I can clearly see some apps doing some kind of:
>         subprocess.call(["/usr/bin/python", "foo"])
>         Should we care of those use cases? That's the real question I
>         guess…
> (we could probably also find and detect such cases in Python code --
> but they might be doing that in a C module or some such, agreed)
> At some point, you have to scope the thing.  We can't fix everyone's
> hardcoded path code (which is often a bug, especially if "/usr" is the
> prefix used).
if /usr/bin/python is a wrapper instead of the actual interpreter that
then executes $SNAP_APP_PATH/usr/bin/python, you would cover all
cases ... but that would indeed mean one such a wrapper per possible
interpreter shipped inside the core image ...


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