First Snappy Ubuntu Core 15.04 stable release!

Ricardo Salveti de Araujo ricardo.salveti at
Thu Jun 11 04:07:16 UTC 2015


We are excited to announce our first Snappy Ubuntu Core stable release
(image 3 at 15.04/stable). It is mainly a bugfix release to make
snappy even more robust.

Some highlights:
 - Improved output when doing snappy rollback
 - Improved overall documentation
 - Not allowing installation of packages with an unsupported architecture
 - Fixed spurious "permission denied" errors when installing huge snaps
 - Fixed too overly strong check on filenames with ".."
 - Fixed inconsistency in app environment variables
 - Fixed unnecessary writes to the boot partition (reducing risks of
file system corruption)
 - Improved error reporting from apparmor on install failures
 - Fixed unnecessary long delay when syncing bootfiles
 - Fixed incorrect symlink handling on build/unpack
 - Fixed failover handling
 - Fixes in hw-assign/oem hw-assign
 - Improved launcher TMPDIR handling
 - Fixed uefi support on i386
 - Fixed missing file on upgrade for armhf
 - Fixed /var/lib/systemd/random-seed (was previously failing to mount
during init)
 - Fixed apparmor cache issue while updating images

The stable images were also updated
( to reflect the latest image
available in the stable channel (you can also find them at

The other major change is that we're now using the Snappy Tools PPA
( as our
official tools repository. So if you are currently using the Snappy
Beta Tools PPA (
please make sure to update to the other PPA (for now the packages are
in sync, but we'll keep maintaining only the official tools PPA from
now on, to avoid confusion).

If you find any issue please make sure to use to report them, including
the device and image revision you're currently using.

For more details about the bugs fixed for this milestone, please check

We hope you enjoy the new release!

The snappy core team.

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