Release arg in ubuntu-device-flash

Federico Gimenez federico.gimenez.nieto at
Mon Jun 8 14:36:33 UTC 2015

Hello all, while reviewing the snappy guides I've found in several places
references to u-d-f's release argument. However, the u-d-f man page doesn't
mention it (version 0.20-0ubuntu1) and if you call the command without it
gives this error:

$ sudo ubuntu-device-flash --verbose core --output=/tmp/snappy.img
the required argument `Release` was not provided

There are other packages that might be affected by this, for instance, the
autopkgtest snappy ssh setup script [1] uses u-d-f for creating qemu images
when required, but now, because it uses the previous u-d-f call format, it
fails too:

snappy ssh setup: No image given, calling ubuntu-device-flash to create a
temporary one...
  the required argument `Release` was not provided

What do you think, regarding the autopkgtest script which would be a valid
default value for this argument so that it can work for previous versions?
Or how can this be fixed in general?



Federico Gimenez
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