recent changes to uboot handling in snappy

g4 at g4 at
Thu Jul 30 10:35:06 UTC 2015

Hello Ricardo

> Are you planning on using TFTP/NFS just for a faster development path or as
> your final target solution?

Faster (and more robust) development. Swapping SD cards xxx times a day guarantees trouble. 

> It should be possible with a few hacks, but since we use at least the first
> partition to save the u-boot config (for snappy_ab, snappy_boot,
> snappy_cmdline and snappy_mode), the update mechanism will not work
> correctly.

Not a show stopper at this stage
> Not for the oem that Ogra created, but the oem owner can specify whatever
> other u-boot configuration by default.
OK. I will have to investigate how this is done.

> >
> We should be announcing Snapcraft properly over the next few days, and
> that tool will have an easy way for you to create snaps out of ubuntu
> packages (or any other upstream project). The main missing piece atm is
> getting the local development story in place (via a traditional ubuntu
> container).
> Should have more details for that later this week.

Most encouraging. Thank you. Will you post in the list?

With all of that said It would be _really_ good to support TFTP/NFS 'in box'.  I suspect it will greatly simplify porting and packaging on the B3 and other ARM boards.



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