Snappy ODROID-C1 stable image 0.4 now available

Simon Eisenmann simon at
Thu Jul 30 08:50:02 UTC 2015


i just pushed version 0.4 of the ODROID-C1 Snappy image


 - U-Boot is now using uboot.env and uEnv.txt instead of boot.ini
   to support the latest changes to Snappy update and rollback
 - Ubuntu Core updated to version 4
 - Kernel was updated to 3.10.80
 - uEnv.txt now supports customized settings (similar to boot.ini)
 - HDMI and video engine are now disabled by default to make the
   full 1GB RAM available to Snappy

Due to the changes in Ubuntu Snappy (uboot.env) it is required to Flash
the new image to get the new U-Boot.

In the meantime we were busy and have launched a Kickstarter campaign to
create the Spreedbox - a hardware device powered by Snappy and ODROID-C1
to provide the most private video chat and file exchange.

Please check it out and give us your support:

If you want to build a Snappy image for ODROID-C1 yourself, you find all
the details at by blog:

Have fun with Snappy on ODROID-C1.


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