Last Month in Snappy Core

Ricardo Salveti de Araujo ricardo.salveti at
Fri Jul 17 22:16:40 UTC 2015


Due the amount of travels and vacations, I failed to send weekly
updates for the past weeks, so follows the updates we had for the last

Stable (15.04):
 - Second stable update currently in alpha, missing one blocker issue:
 - The blocker caused a major discussion around u-boot and how we're
handling the environment variables, which made us to redesign our boot
workflow on ARM. Please check for more details.
 - Several fixes for Azure, which should be now in a quite better shape

 - Image clean up: removed dpkg (dpkg-deb is still available) and apt,
since they are not fully functional under Snappy (and
/var/lib/dpkg|apt takes quite a bit of disk space)
 - update-grub removal, improving the update/rollback handling (using
grub.cfg from the oem package)
 - Added support for gettext in Snappy
 - Switched to system-image 3
 - Storing manifest data locally upon package install (tracking origins)
 - Fixing default network interface handling as a result of latest systemd
 - Support for creating snappy personal on ubuntu-device-flash
 - Disabling core updates when sideloading kernel snaps (better safe than sorry)
 - Support extra users for adduser/useradd and groupadd

 - Migrating tests to Go, easier to manage and deploy
 - Extended failover testing
 - Unitests for i18n
 - Snap build tests
 - Support for faking updates
 - Testing writable-paths

Other topics:
 - We did our first Snappy open-house, and were impressed by the
amount of questions we got, which is super positive. We plan to keep
on having it, and there is an idea to also do other sessions to cover
the development experience around snappy (more hands-on).
 - Quite a bit of work around a new tool (which should be officially
announced soon) that will help developers to easily build and create
 - Sergio is leading the proposal for Snappy to provide a recovery
mode, that could be used when restoring back the device into factory
state. Still in earlier stages, but we should soon have something more
concrete to show.

For more details on what changed in trunk, please check

Ricardo Salveti de Araujo

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