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Azilet Beishenaliev aziletb at
Thu Jul 9 05:22:14 UTC 2015

Hello snappy devs,

Lately I have been looking for snappy apps. I liked simple packaging format
of snaps, transactional approach of snappy, and, I hope, many other nice
features in the near future. After reading most of the docs and guides
available out there, I still have one question open in my mind. What about
snap repository? Like apt repository for Debian packages. What is
specifically interesting me is can we have a personal repository of snaps?
What it looks like and how simple it is to make a personal one?
For Debian packages, as we all know, building a repository is a matter of
building a special directory structure and exposing it through web server.


--- Azilet Beishenaliev
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