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> Hey everyone, I'm pleased to announce the first Open House will be July
> 7th at 1400. We'll be live on and doing some demos,
> testing, and a q and a. Please stop by and help test with us, try out
> snappy and meet everyone. The event will last about 2 hours, and you can
> find out more information on the wiki,
> .
> Mark your calendars and see you next Tuesday!
> Nicholas
> On 06/16/2015 11:31 AM, Daniel Holbach wrote:
>> Hello everybody,
>> Federico, Leo, Nick, Oliver and I just finished a call to talk about an
>> initiative called Snappy Open House we want to start with the next
>> release of snappy.
>> *What is an open house?*
>> With the snappy team working hard on making new releases, new features
>> are added, bugs are fixed and feedback is needed. The open house is a
>> chance to come and meet the snappy team developers and help QA test the
>> new image. We want to encourage the community to test with us, explore
>> new features, check for possible regressions and exercise the
>> documentation. These events are a great way to get started in the snappy
>> world.
>> To kick off the event, we'll host a live Q and A on with
>> developers and show off new features in the release. We'll also
>> demonstrate how to flash and test the new release so the community can
>> follow along and help test. Finally we'll answer any questions you have,
>> and stick around on IRC for a bit to discuss any issues found during
>> testing.
>> *When should it happen?*
>> Release Dates will be flexible; we'll need to announce as we learn when
>> releases will happen. We'll do it before the release to start, probably
>> 5-7 days beforehand have the event
>> *What does the event look like?*
>>   - During the hangout:
>>     + cover new features
>>     + demo flashing and testing on a device
>>     + Live Q and A
>>   - Afterwards: discussion, help and testing on IRC channel
>> The notes of the call can be found at
>> with a bit more detail on how to run the event.
>> Do you have any additional thoughts, ideas, questions?
>> Have a great day,
>>   Daniel
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