Working with snappy behind a ntlm proxy

Alexander Sack asac at
Mon Jan 26 12:07:53 UTC 2015


do you want to make a snappy product that works in ntlm enabled
networks or for development purpose?

For the latter, maybe having such cntlm proxy on your host machine
would be good enough to get you going?

I just tried setting up network-manager ethernet connection that is
"shared to other computers" and then I could get an IP from my ubuntu
host; guess if i had a proxy on that host now I could us http_proxy
etc. envs to make it work...

mvo: can you confirm that those proxy envs are supported by snappy tool?

 - Alexander

On Sat, Jan 24, 2015 at 7:08 PM, Joseph Winston <josephwinston at> wrote:
> At work, I must live behind a ntlm proxy and in the past I used some
> combination of cntlm ( and adding HTTP_PROXY
> and HTTPS_PROXY entries to the Dockerfiles.  And if I was using vagrant, I
> added entries to my
> Vagrantfiles.
> What is the recommend workflow for using snappy in an environment that
> requires ntlm?
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