Announce: Snappy Vagrant Images

Ben Howard ben.howard at
Wed Jan 14 15:56:38 UTC 2015

I am pleased to announce initial Vagrant
<> images [1
2 <>].
These images are bit-for-bit the same as the KVM images, but have a
Cloud-init configuration that allows Snappy to work within the Vagrant

Vagrant enables a cross platform developer experience on MacOS, Windows
or Linux [3 <>].

/Note:/ due to the way that Snappy works, shared file systems within
Vagrant is not possible at this time. We are working on getting the
shared file system support enabled, but it will take us a little bit to
get going.

If you want to use Vagrant packaged in the Ubuntu archives, in a
terminal run::

  * sudo apt-get -y install vagrant
  * cd <WORKSPACE>
  * vagrant box add snappy
  * vagrant init snappy
  * vagrant up
  * vagrant ssh

If you use Vagrant from [4 <>]
(i.e Windows, Mac or install the latest Vagrant) then you can run:

  * vagrant init ubuntu/ubuntu-core-devel-amd64
  * vagrant up
  * vagrant ssh

These images are a work in progress. If you encounter any issues, please
report them to "snappy-devel at" or ping me (utlemming) on




Ben Howard
ben.howard at
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