Top-level package names, UX questions

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> Option 1 is tempting, since it effectively allows package name
> transitions with no need to change the packages themselves, but for
> sideloading it's a bit awkwards as you have to provide both a package
> and a piece of metadata separately.

Maybe it's also more natural to hook addition of a toplevel name into the
review process by adding it to the metadata?

I find it wouldn't be clear how we identify the app + store namespace
metadata combination; would this be a meta-snap? would it have a version?
the same version of the original snap might come with and without the
toplevel name?

> Options 2 and 3 are similar enough, that I think it mostly comes down
> to how it affects the pieces identified before. I wouldn't want you to
> have been running "apache.beuno.start" for a year, and then suddenly
> with an update it stops working because it gets upgraded to
> "apache.start".

Perhaps we can simply keep apache.beuno.start even after addition of

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