BBB+snappy: customizing dtb/hardware

Winston Smith smith.winston.101 at
Sat Feb 7 17:08:48 UTC 2015

Hi all,

I have been using Robert Nelson's image-builder for Debian on the
BeagleBone Black; one of the nice features of this is that it incorporates
support for the capemgr for loading 'dtbo' files (device tree overlay) that
I use to enable specific hardware (in fact, it'll even detect the dtbo and
load it based on i2c EEPROM).

Ubuntu Snappy looks really interesting, particularly the CoreOS style A/B
partition updates, so I have a few questions that I've not seen answered on
this list (or via google):

1) What are the steps for customizing the hardware (e.g. 4 UARTS + a couple
of GPIO pins), note I already have a working dtbo overlay for the hardware
config, I just need to figure out how to apply it.
2) Are there any instructions on building a BBB/snappy image from scratch
(I've seen the "porting snappy" blog post, but that relies on a "pre built"
devices.tar.xz & kernel).


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