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Wed Feb 4 16:12:19 UTC 2015

Hi there,

First on the support of your actual webcam: where are you seeing the
"device vxxx pyyy is not supported" message? Typical USB webcams are USB
video device class, so they are all supported in the same mechanism
(typically via a kernel interface called v4l2 and corresponding libraries).

Second, on usage with snappy, this should be possible today as an
unconfined snap, and we're working at allowing your snap to declare it
requires access to specific USB devices. More on this soon  :-)


On Wed, Feb 4, 2015 at 4:55 PM, Gábor Paller <gaborpaller at> wrote:

> Dear Snappy developers,
> I tried a similar message on snappy-app-devel yesterday but I didn't get
> any response. Maybe there's somebody here who can point in the right
> direction.
> I started to use Snappy on a Beagleboard Black and my goal is to develop
> embedded applications that use webcam, connect to mobile internet, in
> short, use all sorts of USB devices. So far my ordinary webcams generate ""device
> vxxx pyyy is not supported" messages when connected.
> Where to start to enable/develop support for these USB devices? I would
> start with webcams but I intend to target other USB devices later. I am
> quite familiar with the desktop Linux USB kernel driver architecture, I
> just need some pointers/advices.
> Regards,
> Gabor Paller
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