Need to roll out private snaps

Rohit Singh rohit at
Mon Dec 7 14:16:02 UTC 2015


We're working on a system that lets developers push new app packages
directly to client-owned servers.
So for this we're trying the new Ubuntu Core Snappy. Wanted to know a few
things, like :

   - Can we host our own store ?
   - There is not much clarity on OEM snaps. Would be helpful if there was
   a guide available.
   - We've over time devised ways in which to run certain technologies like
   php and nodejs apps. I'd like to transfer them into frameworks and apps
   architecture. How can I go on about it ?

Any help on the above points would be helpful. So far we've tried snappy
and found it best to suite our requirements. It takes away all the hassle
of maintaining a traditional server system.


Rohit Singh
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