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Sun Dec 6 13:41:16 UTC 2015

Hi Joe

There is an API (either released or in development) which allows you to
ensure that particular snaps are installed. You would control specific
versions through your PPA-like facility in the snappy archive server
(upload a new version, mark it as stable and it will go to every device
next time they talk to the archive).


On 04/12/15 03:45, Joe Blue wrote:
> Am new to snappy but picking up the architecture.
> I have a project where I need to deploy lots of servers around the world,
> and all are on networks with a firewall, nat, and dynamic WAN ip.
> Basically just like your home.
> I normally use a bit net style communication pattern.
> Simple example:
> Sever calls data Center, and asks for a command.
> DC says I have a new command - update to v2.
> Server curls to get v2 from S3
> The provisioning for snappy then is critical.
> On the server I need to be able to check what state each partition is in.
> Is there an api that a SNAP or management framework to do this yet ?
> Thanks in advance
> Joe

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