need help with freedomotic snappy app

mauro at mauro at
Sun Apr 26 19:09:35 UTC 2015

I'm trying to create a snappy app for our open source domotic framework
I created a .snap package and uploaded it on raspberry 2 using ssh.
Installation ok and in snappy-bin folder a file
is available.
Also I installed java 7 required by the software (manually because no java
app is on the store).
The problem is that freedomotic needs to be run as superuser.
Even If I run as sudo su I have the following output:

root at localhost:/home/ubuntu# ./snappy-bin/
Your java version is
/apps/freedomotic/5.6.0/bin/ 7:
/apps/freedomotic/5.6.0/bin/ java: Permission denied
Strarting Freedomotic...
Running with: java -jar /apps/freedomotic/5.6.0/bin/freedomotic.jar
/apps/freedomotic/5.6.0/bin/ 13: exec: java: Permission denied

Any idea?
The file in bin has the following permissions
root at localhost:/home/ubuntu/snappy-bin# ls -l
total 4
-rwxr-xr-x 1 ubuntu ubuntu 719 Jan  1 00:53

If you want to try and give us some help the snap is downloadable from

Thanks in advance

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