Store log in from WebDM

Martin Albisetti martin.albisetti at
Thu Apr 2 16:52:23 UTC 2015


A while back there was a discussion around implementing logging into
the store (or the device, for that matter) using WebDM.
The feature was paused due to the fact that the connection between the
browser and the device was over unencrypted http, and the current UX
of ssl-on-local-networks is not great.

I think we'll need to fix this soon. While we may be able to update
WebDM psot 15.04 release due to it being an app and not in core (is
that still correct?), I was thinking we might want to settle on how
we're going to tackle this so we make sure whatever we might need
ships in core in 15.04.

AFAIK, there are 2 options:
1) Use a proxy server on the internet that has proper SSL to configure
the account. If you need to authenticate to the store, you have an
internet connection anyway. This won't work, however, for local
2) Self-signed cert that people have to accept, with the possibility
of printing part of the fingerprint on the physical device for those
who want to verify it (or a verification via ssh). Most users will
ignore and accept it, but it would be good to have something available
for the more cautious crowd.

Are there any other smart ways of doing a secure connection with a
standard browsers to a service hosted in a local network?


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