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Mon Dec 15 13:45:28 UTC 2014

Hi All

I'm trying to grasp the filesystem and partition layouts as described here

How ever I wish to try and build an image for an arm based system (Novena),
the usual layout for the novena boards that I have (like all the imx6i
based systems) require that the first partition is reserved and formatted
as a fat32 partition for loading up the kernel.

I couldn't find any information on how to shift the partition layout by
one. This is my desired layout

- bootloader - /dev/sda1 - 512mb - fat32 partition
- system-a - /dev/sda2 - 2gb - ext 2/3/4 primary root filesystem
- system-b - /dev/sda3 - 2gb - ext 2/3/4 secondary root filesystem
- writable - /dev/sda4 - rest of the disk - ext 2/3/4 persistent user data

How does one configure core/snappy to alternate between sda2 and sda3 when
updates/reboots occur?


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