Cannot provision azure image with a username different than ubuntu

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Sat Dec 13 01:43:34 UTC 2014

The docs mention:
"For this preview release we have hardcoded a user "ubuntu" with password "ubuntu". On the cloud, you will specify the username and SSH keys for secure access to the machine if you want to be able to log into it at all."

When I provision on Azure with a different username, the user appears to not being created.
Is this a bug or expected?
If it is expected, the docs should be explicit about it.

azure vm create pat-snappy-5 b39f27a8b8c64d52b05eac6a62ebad85__Ubuntu-core-devel-amd64-20141211-90-en-us-30GB pat  --no-ssh-password --ssh-cert ~/.ssh/azureCert.pem  --location "West US" --custom-data ~/code/snappy/cloud.cfg -e

ssh pat-snappy-5

Warning: Permanently added ',' (RSA) to the list of known hosts.

pat at's password: 

Permission denied, please try again.

pat at's password: 

Received disconnect from 2: Too many authentication failures for invalid user pat from port 50257 ssh2

For now you can only create an Ubuntu Core VM with a username ubuntu.

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