Packaging an OSGi Java app in snappy

Daniel Noguerol dan at
Wed Feb 17 00:50:26 UTC 2016

Hi all,

I’ve got an OSGi Java application from which I’m trying to build a snap to support both the amd64 and armhf architectures. The application is built via a Maven POM whose output is a directory structure containing JAR files, config files, executable shell script, etc.

I’ve created a snapcraft.yaml for the project and am having trouble getting things to build correctly. I’ve tried two different approaches...

Approach #1

    plugin: maven
    source: .

Using this approach, snapcraft fails saying it can’t find any JAR files. Again, the output of my build is a directory structure containing many files.

Approach #2

    plugin: jdk
    source: .
    plugin: copy

This approach seems to work fine for the amd64 architecture (which is the hardware I’m running snapcraft on). However, when I change the architectures section of snapcraft.yml to armhf, it still puts the amd64 version of the JDK in my snap and I get errors when I try to run the snap on my armhf device.

Any ideas on how best to solve this issue?


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