Permission Denied and AppArmor Denial

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Tue Oct 27 15:46:14 UTC 2015

> Like Seth said, the apparmor denial doesn't have anything to do with 
> program-- it is a problem with the launcher's profile. This was fixed in 
> #1471862, but it appears the change was dropped. I'll catch up with the 
> core team and see what happened and get that fixed.

Marking my script executable fixed the issue, thanks! I knew it had to be 
something simple. It would be nice if the launcher could provide some 
useful output, as you state in that bug.

In reading over the documentation again, the initial tutorial [1] does 
show setting the binary as executable, but the "Snapcraft: Advanced 
features" page [2] says this in reference to the binaries section of the 
snapcraft.yaml, "The above will take care of making the script executable, 
adding it to the user's path and install it in the right place." This 
wording should be changed if Snapcraft is not actually marking the binary 
as executable. Alternatively, it would be nice if Snapcraft did this 
automatically as stated, or maybe displayed a warning about non-executable 

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[2] -


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