Running Qt/QML applications on latest Snappy

Ted Gould ted at
Tue Oct 13 21:08:35 UTC 2015

On Tue, 2015-10-13 at 14:33 -0400, Darren Landoll wrote:
>         So I'm assuming the Mir related things will be picked up on
>         the mir-devel list, but just to cover some "fun" Qt and QML
>         stuff. Basically you need a large number of environment
>         variables. You can see the list in the QML Snapcraft plugin:
>         What I'd recommend is actually using that plugin to build your
>         snap, instead of using deb2snap, so then you'll get all of
>         those environment variables for "free". There is an example of
>         doing this in the snapcraft codebase here:
>         Then you can just setup copy for your QML files. We also have
>         CMake and other Snapcraft plugins depending on how your build
>         works.

> Thanks for the info, I will definitely look at switching to snapcraft.
> Do you know if that would provide any benefits/fixes for the mir
> server snap also?

Changing your app won't help Mir, but I have been talking with the Mir
folks about switching their snap over to being built with Snapcraft as
well. Hopefully that should clean it up a bit.

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