Ted Gould ted at
Thu Oct 8 03:05:22 UTC 2015

On Wed, 2015-10-07 at 17:53 -0700, Vani Desai wrote:
> I have created very simple "hello world" cherrypy webserver
> application using Snapcraft. I am able to create snap and install snap
> on Snappy emulator running on Ubuntu. My app starts CherryPy webserver
> upon lunch. But cherrypy webserver doesn't start after snap
> installation. Also I am not able to run this app manually on Snappy.


> I have attached all files used for creating this snap. Can you help in
> identifying issue?

You're setting up the service to run "" but the snapcraft.yaml is
copying that to "bin/". So you need to change your snapcraft.yaml
to execute the shell script correctly.

You also need to start your server with the python 3 interpreter which
is "python3" not "python."

Lastly you need to tell Snappy to open the port for your webserver, so
you need this in your snapcraft.yaml (attached):

         port: 3092/tcp
         negotiable: false

I've attached the snapcraft.yaml that I edited.

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