Kernel modules without a custom build?

Geoffrey J. Teale geoffrey.teale at
Tue Oct 6 16:14:46 UTC 2015

Hi Mark,

I'm a long term fan of ZFS, I've been using it on-and-off since 2007,
it's inclusion in Ubuntu should make it much easier, so I think that's
wonderful news.

Actually in this instance it's more an ongoing experiment on my part
with snappy.  I've been playing around with a few little KVMs since the
initial snappy launch, and I have been looking to use it as I tackle
tasks like this.  This is the first time I had to think about kernel
modules in a case where i didn't have to target specific hardware - it's
probably quite a corner case.

I'm sure most devs working on embedded platforms have no issue at all
with building their own image, kernel included.  I just like the idea
that I can have a nice Canonical sourced kernel and trust that, and get
updates, like I do in Ubuntu server.  Maybe in the snappy world that
trust lies between Ubuntu and the person building the snappy device,
rather than between Ubuntu and the end user?  

Mark Shuttleworth <mark at> writes:

> If it's ZFS you're after, it will be included in Ubuntu as standard in
> due course.
> Mark

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