Kernel modules without a custom build?

Geoffrey J. Teale geoffrey.teale at
Tue Oct 6 08:27:32 UTC 2015

Morning all,

A quick search of the archives didn't return an answer (maybe my google
skills are lacking), so I'll pop this question:

If I want to add kernel modules to a snappy based system, could I do
that via a framework?  In principal I could just package them up in a
normal snap and "sudo insmod" them, but that's ugly.

What I have in mind is a little homebrew ZFS appliance.  The hardware is
off the shelf, and there's nothing special to drive, it's just that ZFS
and SPL are implemented (in the main) as kernel modules.  If I have to
make a custom image to use snappy that way it sort of reduces the value
of Ubuntu Core as a platform (it'd just be easier to Ubuntu Server).

Feel free to say "use server" ;-)


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