Mailing List Suggestion

Vincent Ladeuil v.ladeuil at
Thu Apr 23 16:09:42 UTC 2015

>>>>> Daniel Holbach <daniel.holbach at> writes:

    > Hello,
    > On 20.04.2015 19:42, Daryl Tucker wrote:
    >> Could we please add 'X-Mailing-List' headers to this email?  Most
    >> mailing lists to which I have registered use this header.  I'm not sure
    >> about others, but for me, this X-Mailing-List header helps me filter out
    >> and sort my mail into the correct folders.

    > on mailman lists I use X-BeenThere: - hope that helps.

I thought the standard header was List-Id: ?

At least I've used that for decades without issues.


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