Snap package development workflow

"Thomas B. Rücker" thomas at
Thu Apr 16 08:18:23 UTC 2015


I started looking deeper into core and snappy recently.

tl;dr: How do I set up a development workflow with up to date tools and
images. Sign packages? Import keys into core images?

One thing I did was to try and get a feeling for things, so I decided to
"follow the exact steps".
I started at and went down the rabbit hole.
At I decided to
go with the KVM image and downloaded alpha2.
Then I followed the link to .

At that point I did update the image as told and half the commands
stopped working as the new release uses a different syntax.
Also the mentioned rollback failed: "Unable to determine bootloader"

As described in the following part of that website, I tried to deploy
the "hello world" example next:
/$ snappy-remote --url=ssh://ubuntu@ install
/Installing ./hello-world.canonical_1.0.5_all.snap from local environment/
/ubuntu at's password:/
/ubuntu at's password:/
/ubuntu at's password:/

/issues while running ssh command: Installing
/Signature verification failed with exit status 10
/I then found out about:

But that doesn't really help as there is no obvious way to put the image
in a "developer mode". Why is such a demo image not in developer mode

If you don't upgrade the image then it will install if you enter the
password several times, but why does the guide tell you to upgrade then?
What bugs do I have to live with in alpha2? Why is the upgrade breaking

I went on IRC and asked for help, but nobody answered my question. Ogra
replied but couldn't help. (I did not leave after 23 seconds and took
the liberty to repeat part of my question after 10 hours or so.)
I also queried the web search engine of my least distrust on the above
topics but couldn't locate solutions nor different TFM than named before.

So, in conclusion I'd be happy about some answers or pointers so that I
can RTFM and get a working development setup.
Eventually I want to move to a BeagleBone and maybe a MinnowBoard Max,
but as this will require custom hardware adaptation, I didn't want to go
there yet. I'll need a 4.0 kernel, custom DT, additional modules, some
user space.



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