classic 32 bit application

Alistair Grant akgrant0710 at
Thu Mar 30 14:36:26 UTC 2017

Hi Sergio,

Thanks for your reply.

On 30 March 2017 at 15:36, Sergio Schvezov
<sergio.schvezov at> wrote:
> On Thu, 30 Mar 2017 08:10:26 +0200, Alistair Grant wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I'm trying to package a 32 bit software development environment: Pharo
>> Smalltalk (
>> I've got it working OK as a devmode package, but as soon as I switch it
>> to classic confinement it fails to run.
>> The error message displayed when attempting to run the executable is "No
>> such file or directory"
>> Attempting to print the shared object dependencies from within a snap
>> shell with ldd results in:
>> $ ldd /snap/pharo/x1/usr/bin/pharo-vm/pharo
>> not a dynamic executable
>> Since the only change is the confinement from devmode to classic and
>> I've checked that the executable file does actually exist, and it's the
>> same one as in devmode, my current hypothesis is that somehow the 32 bit
>> environment isn't working properly in classic mode, probably because it
>> isn't configured correctly, and not that there's a problem with the
>> executable.
>> Are there any known problems with 32-bit applications and classic
>> confinement, or anything in particular that needs to be configured for
>> it to work properly?
> Did you just switch confinement type without rebuilding?

The build environment is docker snapcraft/xenial-amd64.  I rebuilt the
package from scratch, i.e. in the docker container:

$ cd /path/to/pharo-snap
$ snapcraft clean
$ snapcraft prime

Then on the host (Ubuntu 4.8.0-45.48~16.04.1-generic 4.8.17):

$ sudo snap try /path/to/pharo-snap/prime --classic
$ pharo --version

> Are you on a 32 bit system?

No, does this mean that 32 bit snap'd applications don't work on 64
bit systems with classic containment?


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