Moving from strict to classic confinement

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Mon Mar 27 07:32:21 UTC 2017

Hi Eloy,

Your readme mentions problems with xdg-open.  Take a look at:

which may help.  Note that the host has to have snapd-xdg-open installed.


On 27 March 2017 at 09:22, Eloy García (PC Actual)
<eloy.garcia.pca at> wrote:
> Hello everybody.
> I currently have a snap package published on the store. It is called
> wallpaperdownloader and it is a Java-based application. So far, it has been
> packaged using the strict confinement. The application basically downloads
> wallpapers from the Internet and sets the wallpaper when the user requests
> it. Because there are a lot of desktop environments, I have ended up using
> a lot of Linux commands from the java application in order to achieve these
> goals. For some DE there is no problem at all: for example, using gsettings
> interface, GNOME Shell and Unity change the background flawlessly. MATE is
> working properly too (I had to include mate-desktop-common as stage
> package) but XFCE and KDE... no way. In addition, some of the most simple
> features (open a file explorer for example) don't work.
> I have been testing the classic confinement and all these features work! In
> addition, I don't need to include some dependencies like desktop-gtk3 or
> use a shell script wrapper to launch the application. Then, I'm considering
> to move my snap package from stric to classic confinement but i don't know
> the possible implications:
> 1.- Are the interfaces still needed when using classic confinement?
> 2.- From the user point of view: if wallpaperdownloader is already
> installed and I change the confinement, when snapd upgrades it, will it
> work flawlessly? I mean, the upgrade process will be automatic or it will
> require manual intervention from the user?
> 3.- As I see classic confinement, it is a feature to make snap packages
> more easily but they only will work on a "classic" Ubuntu system. If Ubuntu
> is finally migrated to a Snappy system, I guess classic confinement won't
> work and all these packages should be migrated to strict confinement again,
> am I right?
> Thank you all for your time :)
> Best,
> Eloy
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> Eloy García Almadén
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