is it the gadget snap upgradable?

Mark Shuttleworth mark at
Sat Mar 25 09:09:38 UTC 2017

On 24/03/17 21:13, Nicolino Curalli wrote:
> I have a doubt.

That is my third favourite line in my favourite movie :)

> It seem that a gadget can't be upgraded during the lifetime of a
> supported board.
> I don't find anything in the snap framework for making it in a
> transational manner: is my mindset wrong?
> Thank in advance for any clarification.

All snaps are just snaps, they can all be upgraded. That is the vision,
but there may be bugs :)

The gadget snap is of course special which means we may need additional
logic in snapd during upgrades. But it is very definitely our intent
that you can upgrade the gadget snap for your device just as easily as
any app on the device.

Note though that it is the *kernel* snap that I would associate with the
*board*. The gadget snap is more for the specific device in question.

As an example, you might see a robot, and a drone, and a switch, and a
GPS all using an Intel Joule board or a Raspberry Pi. They could all
have the same *kernel* snap because they are all the same board. But
they would have different gadget snaps which describe for example the
pattern of GPIO breakouts or the specific usage of particular serial
ports. The gadget snap would know for example "there is a GPS on ttyS1"
but the kernel snap doesn't because the board is general but the device
is specific.


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