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Mon Mar 20 19:08:45 UTC 2017

On Sun, 2017-03-19 at 11:50 -0300, Tiago Herrmann wrote:


> 1) Asterisk running fine right after snap installation, but failing
> afterwards.
> After a lot of debugging I figured asterisk was crashing with SIGSYS,
> and found that the asterisk binary tries to call chown(), setgid() and
> other syscalls that are only allowed during installation (which
> explains the behavior I was seeing). My workaround was to add these
> calls to the snacraft-preload part that Sergio wrote and preload
> asterisk with it. These calls always return success for now just to
> keep asterisk happy. If you guys know a better way to workaround it, I
> would be happy to remove this hack.

This is and is progress to
allow use of the 'daemon' user and group. Also, per-snap users and groups is
covered in (but I don't know the
priority of that work).

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