udev rules

Loïc Minier loic.minier at ubuntu.com
Mon Mar 20 13:21:21 UTC 2017


I saw a couple of software pieces that rely on udev rules to work; I guess
these use cases need design to be supported in snaps; I wanted to share
some specifics below.

1) aksusbd is a Gemalto daemon to assert presence of a license USB dongle;
it requires USB access, and also these udev rules that call binaries on
addition/removal of devices and create /dev symlinks:

This is a dependency of e.g. Quortus EPC (4G core network). It could be
delivered as a part or more likely as a separate snap since Quortus can
operate in different modes.

2) LimeSDR is SDR hardware that comes in USB and PCI form-factor. It might
be used from desktop apps, e.g. Gqrx is a spectrum exploration tool and
typically a desktop app that runs as non-root. This is the set of udev
rules that upstream recommends installing:

These two use cases (triggering commands when devices are plugged /
unplugged and granting permissions to desktop users to a new /dev node)
don't seem possible right now. I think the former is probably covered in
hotplugging requirements, not sure about the latter. Perhaps I should add
these to some existing design doc?

- Loïc Minier

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