Best Practice for building modules and including them in Kernel Snap

Oliver Grawert ogra at
Mon Mar 20 12:33:44 UTC 2017

On Mi, 2017-03-15 at 12:29 -0700, Luke Williams wrote:
> Hello,
> What are the best practices for building and including kernel modules
> with
> kernel snaps?
> Prior to snapcraft 2.25, when building kernel snaps, the modules
> would be
> located in parts/kernel/install/lib/modules/<kernel.ver>/ so that if
> I
> needed to add custom modules, I could put them in this path and then
> run
> depmod -a -b parts/kernel/install/ <kernel.ver> and it would update
> the
> modules dependancies and symbols and then I could run snapcraft snap
> and
> package everything up.
> Now that the modules and firmware directories fall under
> parts/kernel/install the depmod -b doesn't work anymore.
> What I have done to make this work is I create a symlink to install
> as lib
> and then I can run the depmod command, then I remove the lib symlink
> and
> then run snapcraft snap and everything is good.
> This seems kind of kludgy and not the right way to do this. Is there
> a
> recommended way that this should be handled?
i suspect the symlink is the best workaround today unless you want to
patch depmod :)

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