Part 2! Request for help / ideas to debug issue

John Lenton john.lenton at
Mon Mar 13 23:21:47 UTC 2017

On 13 March 2017 at 21:05, Michael Hudson-Doyle
<michael.hudson at> wrote:
> If I add a
> time.Sleep(1*time.Millisecond) to a_go.go before the exec, the setuid bit
> is respected every time.

on my way to bed, I'll give your response a proper read in the
morning, but note that my reproducer causes the issue a lot more
frequently than in "the real world" (snap run calling snap-confine
calling snap-exec), where delays are happening naturally (because the
programs aren't just calling exec, they actually have work to do :-p).
I don't have numbers for how often it happens in snappy; it's a lot
less frequent, but often enough to be annoying when working
interactively (and there are bug reports with these warnings/errors in
lp already).

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