no option for unrevisioned home

Leo Arias leo.arias at
Thu Mar 9 16:49:21 UTC 2017


I have seen a couple of projects that would suffer by having a
revisioned $HOME, mainly because they store big files in there so
during an update it would be a problem if we copy ~/snap/project/x1/
to ~/snap/project/x2.

Now I'm working on the bitcoin snap, and it would mean copying 110GB,
so more than a problem it becomes a blocker. For $reasons, bitcoin
offers no good way to store the blockchain in $SNAP_USER_COMMON. I had
to patch the source code, which is a pretty ugly old-world kind of
solution [1].

I think it would be really useful if we could offer an option to point
$HOME to $SNAP_USER_COMMON instead of $SNAP_USER_DATA. This would
leave us with unrevisioned config and data files, which is the same we
have currently in all distros, so I think it will be useful for a good
number of project in addition to bitcoin.

What do you think? Would it make sense?

¡paz y baile!

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