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Thu Mar 2 12:27:09 UTC 2017

El 01/03/17 a las 23:29, Marco Ceppi escribió:
> I don't have an answer for you, but wanted to add some color to the problem. The issue lies within a dependency of the
> latest version of pip. Previously they vendored in a small library to do rudimentary distribution checking. In later
> versions, they've included the nir0s/distro python package, which does more aggressive checks against things like /etc
> and is hard coded.

Yeap, they check "/etc" directly.

> I submitted a patch to the distro repo  and it's landed, but it needs to be
> pulled into pip and release. Once that's done, UNIXCONFDIR environment variable could be used to override where to find
> `/etc`. For my snap, I ended up moving to classic confinement as it fit better with the tool (a system utility).

Ah! Using classic confinement is a nice trick that I can also apply to fades [0].



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