Advice for non connected ubuntu-core/snap update scenario

Mark Shuttleworth mark at
Thu Mar 2 07:04:27 UTC 2017

On 01/03/17 15:32, Thibault Jochem wrote:
> I'm studying the possibility tu use ubuntu-core and snaps as base OS /
> app framework for embedded computers with no access to internet.

Yes, we will explicitly support this scenario, and there is quite a lot
of deep design and engineering work already in place to do so.

> We can connect to those systems with a maintenance laptop, and I was
> thinking that this laptop could host a snapd server to push the
> updates once connected.
> Is it a good idea or is there a better way to handle such scenario ?

In a few releases, you should be able to connect a USB stick to the
device and have it detect the updates, verify signatures on all the
files, and apply them. No need for an internet connection or maintenance
laptop. Presenting the updates by USB stick or other attached storage
will be exactly the same as connecting to the store. Since every update
is signed, a machine can determine that the updates are valid without
being online.

The core structure to support this is designed into snapd and already
exists, but we haven't prioritised all of the details (things like the
CLI to trigger the update scan). I expect this will be available during
the course of the year, is that soon enough for your device? If the
timing of your device is sensitive then feel free to follow-up off-list.


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